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I retired early in order to pursue various personal creative projects which I undertake on a strictly Not For Profit basis.
It is always good to consider; potential sales, new photographic or cinema journalism assignments, and publication, display, exhibition, or other related opportunities.
Eventually any images of mine, within this site, that do not contain anyone else's copyright material, will be available as a card, a set of cards, a print or a canvas. All such images are available for display, or for reproduction in books, magazines and websites.
Any fees charged will be to recover costs and outgoings only.
I am attracted by various different types of subject matter, styles and genres of photography. I am not concerned with pushing boundaries or immersed in a concentrated creative process. I like to "see" a picture, and then just take it as it is in the viewfinder, with virtually no manipulation of the image afterwards. I had two careers in my life, the first working within the audio visual/media production industries, the second working within creative and media education, latterly as a Head of a large Creative Studies Faculty.
Apart from my wife, children, family, friends and work colleagues, a constant companion to me in my everyday life has often been a simple straightforward still camera either over my shoulder, or in my pocket. As I have gone about enjoying the day, if I have seen something that has caught my eye, I have photographed it. I also love chocolate - one of my favourite all time cameras having been manufactured by Lindt.
Like so very many people I am conscious of the history of photography and cinema. I am very lucky that at the age of 18, in the late 1960s, I had the opportunity of studying photography, film and video, full time, for three years.  In mid life I was able to study at degree level and upgrade my old HND qualification into a degree in Photographic Media Studies. An appreciation of such modern visual cultures, hopefully sharpens one's perception and enjoyment of the incredible everyday world around us.
Today, as a retired active mature person, I am as passionate about photography and cinema as I was when I was attempting to start out in those areas in the late 1960s.




It is always a pleasure to hear from people and you can contact me via my email address:
My activities these days are purely personal creative projects
- not commercial work.