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Originally I studied photography full-time for three years at what now is The London College of Communication. I considered myself fortunate in being a student of such established photographers as David Hurn, John Cowan, Jorge Lewinski, and photographic educator Bill Jay. My very first work was as an assistant to an advertising and fashion photographer. I then went on to work in the fields of audio visual and media resources:- producing audio visual and media materials for education and training, working in the mass training of teachers in 16mm film projection, and producing educational and training videos. I also worked in press, PR and exhibition work.
In my late thirties I became a mature student and gained a degree in Photographic Media from the University of Westminster. The second half of my career was spent in three London Colleges initially as a lecturer in photography and video, and latterly as the Head of a large Creative Studies Faculty.
During my time in these colleges I worked exclusively with media, audio visual and video production based courses that were directly focused on the needs of the still and moving image production industries. I always championed the need to identify vocational production based courses as being separate from the theoretical and academic media studies courses which have been responsible for many confusions within the industry as to what is going on inside media training in education. I was also part of the team that wrote the first ever BTEC National Diploma in Media Production. I also undertook placements for myself over several years working in colleges in Eindhoven and Chicago. In addition it was important to build up a network of industrial work placements and contacts to interface with courses. This, together with the undertaking of regular personal freelance projects, kept my experience current and helped to fulfil the need of students and courses to keep relevant to the employment skill base of the creative industries.
In my mid fifties I decided to retire early to pursue a number of personal creative projects and interests. Amongst these have been contributing regular feature articles on various aspects of cinema exhibition to the international magazine "Cinema Technology". Also as part of a professional media and film industry society I have been devoting time to the re-establishment and re-vitalisation of that Society’s course accreditation scheme. In 2012 I had the honour of being awarded a Fellowship of that Society, the BKSTS.
Throughout my career I have had work published and sold, and my photographs have been exhibited at the Newcastle Arts Festival, The Photographers Gallery, London, and the Ziff Davis Gallery in New York. Retiring from full-time salaried employment in my mid fifties, has allowed me to concentrate more on my own personal photography and creative projects. I live in Croydon, London. My favourite camera is a Lindt 35, the one with the white chocolate lens surround. I also have a chocolate problem.
My daughter, Helen, has had significant experience in the areas of curating photographic exhibitions and displays, writing and speaking on photography and also been involved with photographic initiatives and education.



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