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"Mark Trompeteler's talk "Digital Cinema" gave us a superbly illustrated lecture on the history of cinemas in the UK, from the very early days to the most up to date digital and 3D technologies, Mark kept us spellbound."

Graham Evans, Editor, "Moviepage".

I am always happy to give talks, lectures and presentations on various aspects of photography, film, cinema and the media to any groups or institutions.
I have experience as a chair person / panel member / guest speaker at such venues as Cambridge University & other UK Universities, Pinewood Studios, Colleges, Conferences and Societies. I have also organised a number of education, creative industry and film related events over the past few years at such venues as the National Film Theatre, BFI Southbank, London,     learn more    and the UK National Media Museum, Bradford    learn more   .   I also have extensive experience in planning and delivering half and full day study days, educational activities and programmes, and industry events, for post 18 audiences.
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Left:   Interviewing Jessica Bingham, a feature film Visual Effects Expert from The Moving Picture Company (MPC)        Right:   Interviewing Annie Conlon, a TV Director and Producer   
- at events I organised at The National Film Theatre, BFI South Bank, in London.
Left:   with Kathryn Penny and Sir Christopher Frayling        Right:   hosting and presenting the Widescreen Student Film of the Year Competition     
- events at the National Media Museum, in Bradford, U.K.
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