"I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Bournemouth University Faculty of Media and Communication, to thank you for all of your help and support throughout the years. You have helped to influence the direction of the Faculty in creating a more professional, industry focused suite of Post Graduate programmes which has in turn benefited all of the students involved in the accredited programmes."

Mark Bond,
Lecturer in Cinematography & Programme Leader,                 
MA Cinematography for Film and Television,
Bournemouth University.
Since my retirement from full time paid employment, I have been undertaking some media and creative education consultancy work for the International Moving Image Society (IMIS), which runs a UK Government approved Accreditation Scheme.
IMIS, formally known as the British Kinematograph, Sound & Television Society, (BKSTS), based at the world famous Pinewood Studios, is uniquely placed to assure, encourage, and support industry relevance in moving image and media production courses. The Society offers a supportive accreditation and consultation service for higher education courses longer than a year in length such as HNDs, degrees and masters programmes.
It provides an independent worthwhile and recognised kite mark and an assurance to students, staff, employers and parents of a course's professional relevance. In addition course teams receive an independent consultation about their course, an independent report with possible advice and recommendations. I have been visiting the institutions, acted as a consultant and have authored the reports. As part of that professional media and film industry society, and for the work I have undertaken in the re-establishment and re-vitalisation of that Society's Accreditation scheme, I had the honour of being awarded a Fellowship of the Society.
I continue to be available for such consultancy activity.
To learn more about the Society you can view the three minute video below.



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"Many thanks for all your support and guidance during the many years of accreditation with BKSTS. You and your team have been diligent and honest with the advice and support you have given us and we will be forever grateful as you have improved our courses in many ways."
John Holden, Principal Lecturer & University Learning & Teaching Fellow, Staffordshire University.


"Thanks for all your help and support over the years with our courses and development. It has been rewarding having you and the BKSTS support. Something that we have valued and proud to have."
Daniel Hopkins, Senior Lecturer & Course Leader, BA (Hons) Experimental Film Production,  Staffordshire University.


"Your support has been tremendous and very much appreciated. I think that you have done a wonderful job over many years....... with my very best wishes."
Claire Barwell, Course Leader Film Production, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Campus.


"I take this opportunity on behalf of IMIS to thank you for your dedication and work that you have put in to ensure that the Society will move forward and be great place for all members to pursue excellence in their chosen careers. I personally appreciate your support and what you have contributed to IMIS especially in accrediting courses and organising student events."
Roland Brown, President - International Moving Image Society, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, SL0 0NH


"You have always been an incredible inspiration to me of true dedication to the Society over the past 5 years. Thank you so much for your service, your long hours of introspection, and your commitment to making this organization the best."
Bryan Cook, Chief Operating Officer - International Moving Image Society, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, SL0 0NH


"Thank you, very sagacious, perceptive and well written! I value our relationship with the Society very highly."
Claire Barwell, Undergraduate Course Leader, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Campus.


"Thank you for your Society's Accreditation Report. This report is extensive and carefully considered and we are grateful for your observations, comments and advice. This process has been enlightening for all the staff involved in the four postgraduate courses and has allowed us to positively reflect on the findings."
Mark Bond, Postgraduate Course Leader, Bournemouth University.


"Many thanks to the BKSTS panel of Industry experts who came to visit our staff, facilities and students on the recent re-accreditation visit, as usual they were most thorough, supportive and gave some excellent advice on the curriculum development, additional potential links with industry and ideas for moving forward. Extremely grateful for their encouragement and support."
John Holden, Academic Course Group Leader, Staffordshire University.